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A NEW FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY! Looking for a fun activity for teenagers children after many days of historical tours and found this on trip advisor. This place was amazing. It was magical to step back and watch my children critically thinking and working as a team. Laurel


Escape room Kraków Katowice


The nuclear trap

BOOK - Kraków, ul. Bonifraterska 3/1                          

Level of difficulty  *****
Time of playing:    60 minutes
Average time of playing:   59 minutes
Number of players:    2-5 persons
Scenario:  game of action, 2-parts-game, the hardest game in Locked UP

Only for the brave ones! Check if you are able to think clearly, control your emotions and not panic when you see the ticking machine which may explode any minute with your own eyes. The emotions are intensified by suitable music. The scenario of this escape room consists of two parts. Firstly, your team need to be split up and communicate with each other at the distance in unfavorable conditions. You must defeat your weaknesses, activate all the senses, control your emotions and deal with the "communicative chaos". The solution which you find as a team will let you get to the dangerous place - a hotel room in which someone has planted a nuclear bomb. And this is here where the proper game starts - a race against time. The time's passing by too quickly... You may survive... or not. Here everything depends on you. You take responsibility for the fate of the world... The experience which is worth to gain. The Nuclear Trap is a scenario in which teambuilding is the key to success. Our exit room is dedicated to seasoned players of the real life escape game. The time goes on inevitably but you can stop the ticking mechanism. If you associate the facts well and share the tasks reasonably, you will surely manage to save the world from the total destruction.


Nuclear facts:

- if you write the wrong code for defusing the bomb more than once, it will make the time pass even quicker
- if you don't manage to defuse the bomb, it will go off and take the players into the different parts of the world
- right now there are about 26 000 nuclear warhead
- the cost of constructing the first atomic bomb was about $ 2,000,000


"Best activity in town"
This amazing place has 5 different escape room with 3 levels of difficulty. In 60 minutes you have to find the key to exit the room. We were a couple with 4 child and we enjoy every single moment. It does require any physical efforts and it suitable for accompanied kids as well /Haddawi, Saudi Arabia, july 2016/

"Awesome escape room"
I went there with some of my friends, witch had never been to a escape room before. It was a massive success; challenging, fun and really good riddles witch they change quite frequently. Been there before, and this time it was still as good as about a year ago. Really worth a visit! /Fredrik, Sweden, april 2016/