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A NEW FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY! Looking for a fun activity for teenagers children after many days of historical tours and found this on trip advisor. This place was amazing. It was magical to step back and watch my children critically thinking and working as a team. Laurel


Escape room Kraków Katowice


One Million Dollars

BOOK Katowice, ul. Kościuszki 45/3

Level of difficulty: *****
Time of playing:    60 minutes
Average time of playing:   66 minutes
Number of players:   2-5 persons
Scenario:    Adenture and criminal, game for advanced

Small, inconspicuous, and not very well protected post in the suburbs of Katowice. A great amount of money has never been stored here before. But you were tipped off that the next day a huge cash transport is coming, a trifling "one million dollars". It's the only chance to get so much money. You've been planning the robbery for a long time and finally - the opportunity arises. You managed to get into the building unseen. Everything goes just as you assumed. You scour the rooms, however, unsuccessfully. Finally, you realise that the safe is hidden in the room of the bank's general manager. The weary guard has left his post for a moment after the night shift. He’s probably not even aware of what he's looking after. Coming to one of the rooms you’ve realised that the bank is going to open in one hour. Will you manage to get to the safe and steal one million dollars? It will turn out if everything is polished up in detail, if nothing surprises you and if your team can carry out the plan quickly and without any unnecessary emotions. You have only 60 minutes to rob the bank of the million dollars and leave unseen. It's the chance of a lifetime! Let's start!

"The Million Dollars" scenario is thought to be the most difficult of all in Locked Up Katowice, but no wonder because stealing one million dollars remains a challenge. Not everyone is given a chance to see that amount of money in their lifetime. However, our opinion, as the founders of the escape room in real is: "Everybody should get rich and famous and do everything they ever dreamed of so they can see it's not the answer" /Jim Carrey/. The scenario consists of two parts. The most important here is good communication, cooperative team, precision when it comes to solving the case - all of the elements are vital and are inseparable. You have to be extremely careful and don’t let anything surprise you and close you the way to the money. As you may expect, you will find here riddles connected with mathematics and finances but not only – you need to be clever, ingenious and skilful because these features are a great asset in this game. We recommend this game to the players who want to make an effort, rack their brains and who are ambitious tricksters.


Interesting facts:

- more than 5 years ago an ailing 84-year-old millionaire decided to share his wealth in a very creative way. He had hidden the treasure worth one million dollars and wrote down the clues in the book. Thousands of people have been looking for the treasure, however, no one has found it yet. According to the author of the riddle, not many people are looking at the map and the clues in the way he does but, as he said, many of them were not more than 60m from the hidden treasure and were completely unaware of that.

- the clues how to find this treasure are in the book "The Thrill of the Chase". The chest with the treasure was hidden somewhere in the Rocky Mountains.


"A million dollars gained!"
Locked Up in Katowice very positively surprised us, a great place to spend time with your friends. But interesting and challenging puzzles moved our imagination to the limit. Fantastic fun, definitely use again. I would highly recommend./Karolina, Poland, september 2015/

"The million dollars"
This was our next Escape Room from which the smaller and larger difficulties left;) All very interesting prepared, the level of puzzles at a high level;) Would we go to the next room with Locked Up! ?The Bajor, Poland, august 2015/