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A NEW FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY! Looking for a fun activity for teenagers children after many days of historical tours and found this on trip advisor. This place was amazing. It was magical to step back and watch my children critically thinking and working as a team. Laurel


Escape room Kraków Katowice


The book of life?

BOOK -  Katowice, ul. Kosciuszki 45/3

Level of difficukty: *****
Time of playing:    60 minutes
Average time of playing:  54 minutes
Number of players      2-5 persons
Scenariuo:       secret, horoscopes, mystery

Visit the Avicenna's room and find out what the famous professor was working on his whole life. You should remember that he was often called "the father of modern medicine", so in this room there are many secrets... He was working days and nights to discover the huge mystery of humanity - where is the boundary between life and death? Does his "Book of Life" give the answer?

It's one of the most difficult scenarios in Locked Up Katowice and it's perfect for fans of magic, astronomy and horoscopes. Surely it's the game for those who love abstract thinking! That's why this escape room is so controversial - well, not everyone is given a chance to get acquainted with "The Book of Life".


Interesting facts:

- in this game there are 2000 wine stoppers,
- the total metric area of the horoscopes is 17 square meters
- it's the scenario which is the darkest of all


"The book of life"
Great fun, I recommend to anyone who likes logic puzzles :) is a perfect place for a getaway with friends and by the way you can work out cooperation. /Wiktoria, Poland, june 2016/

"We recommend"
The Book of Life is a room with an amazing atmosphere and a portion of logical puzzles to solve. We look forward to the next :-) We highly recommend :-) /Alina, Poland, september 2015/