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A NEW FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY! Looking for a fun activity for teenagers children after many days of historical tours and found this on trip advisor. This place was amazing. It was magical to step back and watch my children critically thinking and working as a team. Laurel


Escape room Kraków Katowice



BOOK - Katowice, ul. Kościuszki 45/3

Level of difficulty: *****
Time of playing         60 minutes
Average time of playing  58 minutes
Number of players:       2-5 persons
Scenario:  extraordinary, suprising puzzles

You've just ended up in a mysterious laboratory and the door shut behind you. What are you going to do now? Two colorful rooms - bright, dispersing light and... the secret door. How can you reach the door? What's hidden behind? The balls' separators in special showcases are placed along the whole laboratory. What are they used for? What do they contain? That's what you need to discover. However, before you touch anything, put on the special white uniforms which will protect you against the toxic balls and make you feel as real researchers.
Watch out! Be careful and think before you do anything, do not use the objects rashly because each of your decisions may affect your further life... You have only 60 minutes to solve the mystery and leave this strange laboratory alive. It's time to start the experiment.
Do not be misled by the funny symbol of the escape room laboratory. It's not the laboratory for children but original, hand-made laboratory designed for the special tasks and research. The rooms will surely surprise most of you. Look around and associate facts. Cleverness, thoughtfulness, logic and good cooperation is what you need. This scenario contains numerous manual and associative riddles. It’s the place for those who want to experience something new. But remember: nothing which seems to be obvious is obvious. Nothing which seems to be simple, is simple. What seems to be easy may become difficult. And you have only 60 minutes.


Interesting facts:

- it was the most difficult room to create and the last one we opened in Katowice
- the idea was to make things different... and they are different!
- the Laboratory is a difficult game but it gives a lot of fun and faces you with unexpected situations


"Lovely Lady, cool room"
Great stuff! Fantastic puzzles, a very interesting adventure, a friendly staff, greeting the lady with beautiful legs :)! We recommend to all 4! /Szymon, Poland, june 2016/

"Laboratory of crazy phisicist"
A large variety of the other rooms in Katowice - cool puzzles manual - a little man feels as practical classes in physics;) room decor appropriate to the subject. Difficulty medium. A nice change from room to room mainly focused on search. The company has a waiting room and lockers for bags, etc. Support proposes the implementation of a souvenir photo, which is very nice gesture /Agnieszka, Polnad, june 2016/