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A NEW FAVORITE FAMILY ACTIVITY! Looking for a fun activity for teenagers children after many days of historical tours and found this on trip advisor. This place was amazing. It was magical to step back and watch my children critically thinking and working as a team. Laurel


Escape room Kraków Katowice


City Games


Urban gaming is an interesting and active form of integration and entertainment. If we add an escape room it may even be more attractive and interesting.

Our game is organised in an unusual place, in the old, historical district of Kraków called Kazimierz. This type of entertainment is dedicated especially to schools, companies and active people. The teams consist of 2-6 people. Doing different tasks, you can get familiar with the most interesting parts of Kazimierz in Kraków, learn more about the people from your team and work efficiently as a group.

How does the game combined with the escaperoom look like?

- The standard time of the game: 60 minutes.
- The teams start from the Locked UP at the same time.
- There are about 8-10 tasks to be done outdoors.
- Each team in given the start-up package at the beginning: the map, card, photos, writing utensils.
- Each team tries to complete as many tasks within 60 minutes as possible.
- Before the time finishes, you have to go back to the starting point.
- If you are late, you lose your points.
- There are prizes for the best players!
- And then you are faced with the 5 scenarios of the escaperoom in Locked UP!
- The games are organised in Polish and English.

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